We are happy to introduce 5 new Feminized strains to our portfolio.

To complement our strain portfolio and cater the people who prefer the feminized seeds over the regular seeds, We are happy we can introduce our 5 new feminized ROOR cannabis strains. Our 5 new strains are available as of now and you can find order specifications or download the order form here

The ROOR brand is known the world over for creativity, top quality products and excellent customer service.

We decided to bring this standard of excellence with us into our newest venture. 


A selected team of the world’s top breeders collaborate with us on this new project: ROOR SEEDS AMSTERDAM

To keep things simple we have used two designations for our ROOR Seeds Lines. The ROOR s-line is for our Sativa’s, the ROOR i-line contains our Indica’s. Each line is subdivided into numbers, as we offer more and more strains.






Our seeds are packed in unique glass bottles and encased in a metal container, ensuring that you always get fresh and viable seeds.
We offer these packages as a numbered limited edition. This will also make room for future strains as we constantly work on new collaborations with the world’s top breeders. Offering you our valuable friends some of the finest cannabis genetics this world has to offer.